Monday, August 8, 2011

Gov Fashola Bans Two Years Rent In Lagos, Landlord Will Be Jailed

Governor Fashola is really trying his best to make life in Lagos easy for its inhabitants, from rights of children and now to tenancy, all for the purpose of putting a smile on the faces of Lagosians. Now, you do not need to try and break a bank all for the purpose of been able to pay a landlord for three years apartment rent. The law has been sealed and any Landlord or tenant caught breaking the law will be made to face the music.

"This is contained in the new tenancy bill that was passed into law by the State House of Assembly today. The law, which is expected to receive the assent of Governor Babatunde Fashola any moment from now, also stipulates that it is unlawful and criminal for a landlord or his agent to demand or receive from a sitting tenant, rent in excess of six months in respect of any premises without prejudice to the nature of tenancy.

This means that those who are already tenants are not expected to pay more than six months in advance to their landlord. Hitherto, tenants were compelled to pay for even more than two years in some cases.

The bill places a fine of N100,000 or three years imprisonment on any landlord or new tenant who pays in excess of one year and N100,000 or three months imprisonment for any landlord who fails to issue a receipt to a tenant for payment of rent.

The bill captioned: “A bill for a law to regulate rights and obligations under tenancy agreement and the relationship between landlord and the tenant including the procedure for the recovery of premises and for other connected purposes in Lagos State,” states that “it shall be unlawful for a sitting tenant to offer or pay rent in excess of one year for a yearly tenant in respect of any premises and any person who receives or pays rent in excess of what is prescribed by the law shall be guilty of an offense and shall be liable to a fine of N100,000.SOURCE

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