Monday, March 8, 2010

Oldest Person in US, Dies at 114

Mary Josephine Ray, who was considered to be the oldest person in the U.S. and second oldest person in the world, has died at 114, the New Hampshire Union Leader reported Monday.

The paper said Ray died early Sunday in her sleep at a Westmoreland, N.H. nursing home.

Born in Canada on May 17, 1895, she lived in Maine for nearly 60 years and moved to New Hampshire at 102 to be close to her son and his family.

The paper reported Ray was recognized as the second oldest person in the world in November when a woman in upstate New York died at the age of 114.

It said the oldest person in the world is believed to be a woman in Japan, Kama Chinen, who was born one week before Ray.

Neva Morris, 114, of Ames, Iowa, is now considered the oldest person in the United States, the paper reported.


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