Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Boring Prince William named world’s hottest royal: Set for marriage.

The future king - who is dating Kate Middleton - beat brother Prince Harry and cousins Zara Phillips and Princess Beatrice to the top honour in forbes.com's list.

According to the website, the top 20 royals reign over nearly $60 billion in wealth and 15 royal lineages.

To compile the list, Forbes looked at international web and media presence, as well as family wealth. All 20 are single and under the age of 35.

As well as wealth and power, the young royals have also become successful in their chosen career paths.

William and Harry are both Army officers, with Harry secretly fighting in Afghanistan for ten weeks, while Zara is set to take part in this year's Beijing Olympics in the equestrian three-day event.

'The 20 Hottest Young Royals' will premiere next Friday (06.06.08) on US network E! Entertainment.

Forbes.com's top five:1. Prince William2. Prince Harry3. Zara Phillips4. Princess Beatrice5. Charlotte Casiraghi

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

'American Idol': What should the Top 7 sing for 21st century week? What should they avoid?

Danger, American Idol contestants, danger! You’re about to enter “Songs from the 21st century” week, territory fraught with peril on all sides. The temptation: To sing major hit songs readily familiar to most of the viewing audience. The danger: That those songs are too readily familiar to most of the viewing audience and/or those songs are not exactly engineered as vocal showcases. That said, there are some recent hits our Idol Top 7 could hit out of the park if done right given the right guidance — i.e. our completely unsolicited advice. Two rules, though, as we dive into what the finalists should sing (and should avoid at all costs): 1) No one should sing a song from a previous Idol winner or contestant, and 2) No one should sing Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day.” Forthwith, our picks: 
Casey Abrams
DO SING: “Chasing Cars,” Snow Patrol
DO NOT SING: “Waiting On the World to Change,” John Mayer
Lauren Alaina
DO SING: “Love Song,” Sara Bareilles
DO NOT SING: “You Belong With Me,” Taylor Swift
James Durbin
DO SING: “Wake Me Up When September Ends,” Green Day
DO NOT SING: Anything by Linkin Park or Nickelback
Stefano Langone
DO SING: “Never Give You Up,” Raphael Saadiq
DO NOT SING: “You’re Beautiful,” James Blunt
Jacob Lusk
DO SING: “Halo,” BeyoncĂ© (yeah, I said it)
DO NOT SING: “Crazy,” Gnarls Barkley
Scotty McCreery
DO SING: “Sideways,” Dierks Bentley (pick up the pace, Scotty!)
DO NOT SING: “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue,” Toby Keith
Haley Reinhart
DO SING: “Chasing Pavements,” Adele
DO NOT SING: “Beautiful,” Christina Aguilera
Those are our picks; what are yours?

Jacob Lusk takes the Luther Vandross comparisons head-on

Jacob Lusk has gotten comparisons to Luther Vandross all season long, so finally he's tackling the R&B legend head-on. "It's scary," he admits, then notes that it's the late singer's birthday.
Jimmy Iovine thinks Dance With My Father is a great choice for Jacob, especially since it means something to him (Jacob's father passed away when he was young). "Everybody knows that Jacob can sing," Jimmy says. "Now they're going to find out if he can feel."
Jacob has trouble holding on to the song from the very first notes. It's possible he's having trouble hearing something, but from the way he looks upward, away from the stare of the camera, he might be struggling with the emotions of the song -- to the point that he pulls the microphone away for just a second and misses a note.
Soon, though, he reins in his emotions, channeling them all through his voice. Even with the missed note, it's the best vocal performance of the night. Extremely touching.
"You remind me all the time of the reason I love music," Steven says. "Your daddy was up there listening to you."
"It's hard to perform when a song means that much to you," Jennifer says. "You want to bare your soul, but at the same time you have to have enough control to find the notes."
"Vocally, it was good, but it didn't make me jump up and down," Randy says. "I need the return of the old Jacob. I need to see you go through the roof. ... If you're here next week, go for it. ... I need the church kid back."
Ryan asks Jacob about the missed note, and Jacob says it wasn't the emotion, there was a problem with the mix in his in-ear monitor.


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