Friday, July 3, 2009

Crazy Spouse Behavior:quirkier habits

Even after you're actually married, you can still make interesting discoveries about your spouse. From walking in on some lip-synching action to odd bathroom quirks and more, here are some of the quirkier habits observed by The Nest readers.

The honeymoon's over and the insanity is out in the open! Check out these hilarious stories from users about their better half's bizarre behavior.

I caught him recreating the strip dance scene from The Full Monty in our bathroom. He actually wasn't too bad! —GRIMSDAHL

My wife invented a language that she speaks only to animals. Every time we pass someone walking their dog on the street, she has to "communicate" with it in her weird tongue. —JFC729

He's obsessed with headphones. He has a set for working out, gaming on his computer, gaming on the actual TV, sound canceling ones, and a lime green set, just for show. It's insane, not to mention a waste of money! —PUNK31PRINCESS

I came home to find his keys still in the door with it slightly ajar. He was passed out in the center of the floor with a spilled glass of red wine in his hand. If I didn't know he'd been drinking with the guys, I would've sworn it was a crime scene. —CPENNWC

When he rinses his mouth after brushing his teeth, he spits it into a glass and swallows it. He thinks if you don't, it will remove important bacteria from behind your teeth. —DEJAH&JEREMY

She turns the water on in the sink every time she goes in the bathroom so I won't hear her peeing. So weird. Like I don't know she pees? —RBCATCH21

I came out of the shower to find my wife standing in front of our full-length mirror in her '90s prom dress faking a Grammy acceptance speech. She even thanked her imaginary husband — Justin Timberlake. —GTOWNHOYAS04

I caught him rocking out to Kelly Clarkson's "Since You've Been Gone" in the garage. I thought I was going to pull a stomach muscle laughing so hard. —GLITTERGAL23

My husband ran into the bathroom furiously twirling his dress socks through the air and screaming, "I call this 'total combat!'" and then just walked out. It was the strangest thing I've ever seen. —RANDZB

Sometimes he sits up in the middle of the night and starts mumbling gibberish with his eyes wide open. He literally looks psycho. —NYCGIRL31

When I go on business trips, she has the dog sleep on our bed (in one of my T-shirts) and piles up tons of pillows along all sides of the bed to make a fort "for protection." —RICKOCIEZZ

5 Signs You Need to Be Crazier

1. You cancelled date night to unpack your wedding china.
2. Your ideal way to spend a Sunday? With your in-laws, of course.
3. Your biggest turn-on: When your DVR says "Gossip Girl (New)."
4. You haven't used any of your vacation days yet this year.
5. Your fave iTunes playlists are "Music to Clean By" and "Organization Ruling the Nation."

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